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About our produces
Our company mainly produces solar energy decorative lights. They are charge the battery through the small solar panel and our produces usually using nickel hydrogen or nickel cadmium battery. so the usually are low voltage.

About the lights
How dose the solar lights working?
According to the instruction Correct installation of solar lights
Put the light in the sun and let the battery have power.
Open the switch make it at the on.
Make the solar panels in a certain degree of darkness.

If the lights does not work, what do I do?
Make sure battery is properly installed.
Make sure switch is open
Make sure your batteries are have electrical energy. if do not have electrical energy please use the sun to illuminate the solar panel to charge the battery.
Make sure the solar panels in the dark. Our lights are working under a certain dark value.


How long will the led last?
Our produces can work 50000 hours

Will my solar lights turn on automatically?
If your light has an on/off or auto/off switch, you must have this placed in the "on" or "auto" position. All our solar lights turn on automatically at dusk and will stay on up to 8 hours. Each light has a small photocell device built-in to the fixture. This component senses when the light level is low and switches the light on.