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Humidifier is applied to what principle.

1, the principle of separation of moisture. The steam source is switched on, and the saturated steam moves laterally in the nozzle jacket and enters into the elbow and enters the evaporation chamber; the steam chamber is suddenly decelerated due to the sudden increase of the cross section of the evaporation chamber, and the inertia and the baffle plate are blocked. The condensed water contained is separated and discharged through the condensate outlet at the bottom of the evaporation chamber; the steam separating the moisture enters the preheated drying chamber from the top of the separation chamber, and the drying chamber is filled with stainless steel filter material and remains in the steam. The water is filtered and separated. When the control valve is opened, the pressure in the drying chamber drops, the vaporization temperature decreases, and the water remaining in the steam is heated and vaporized, thereby completing the drying of the saturated steam and completing the soda for saturated steam. Separated; dried steam enters the nozzle through the regulating valve, and is ejected from the nozzle with a sound-absorbing metal mesh, achieving humidification of the air.

2, the principle of cleanliness. Ultrasonic humidifier uses the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation. It atomizes water into ultra-fine particles of 1-5 micron, diffuses the water mist into the air through a pneumatic device, and achieves the purpose of uniformly humidifying the air. Its features are: high humidification strength, uniform humidification, high humidification efficiency, energy saving, power saving, long service life, automatic humidity balance, automatic waterless protection, medical atomization, cold bath surface, and cleaning jewelry; It is a certain requirement for water quality.

3, physical principles. Pure water humidification technology is a new technology that has just been adopted in the humidification field. Pure water humidifier removes calcium and magnesium ions from the water through molecular sieve evaporation technology, completely solving the "white powder" problem. The water curtain cleans the air, humidifies the air, purifies the air, and sends the humid clean air to the room via the pneumatic device, thereby increasing the ambient humidity. Such as a new generation of pure water humidifier, using a fuzzy control, with the temperature and humidity changes automatically adjust the amount of humidification, the use of dynamic balance principle to control the relative humidity of the human body in the most appropriate between 45% to 65% RH. When the indoor relative humidity is higher than 50% RH, the humidifier automatically reduces the amount of humidification, so that the environment is always in a constant humidity state. At the same time, the new humidifier is also not subject to water quality restrictions; the filter evaporator is made of imported single fiber, can filter air and kill bacteria, making the humidification more pure; with an air circulation system, while humidifying, clean water with clean water, effective Remove air pollution, purify air, promote indoor air circulation, and ensure greater human health.

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