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Three major attentions to purchase humidifiers in winter

As the temperature drops, people often have symptoms such as chapped lips, facial skin peeling, sore throat, and getting angry. According to experts, this is mainly due to the excessive drying of the air, resulting in the loss of human body water. Therefore, how to purchase a humidifier to ensure healthy breathing in winter has become the focus of recent attention.
Note 1: It is guaranteed to choose a professional brand recognized by the state.

Speaking of the winter has been humidifying the living room for a long time. In the past, people used the method of dampening towels and basins in the house, but the humidification effect was limited. Since the humidifier, people began to enjoy the convenience and health brought by technology, but now there are new problems, the quality of the humidifier market is uneven, many counterfeit products are flooding, and consumers will be damaged if they are not careful. .

According to experts, the humidifier is used frequently in autumn and winter. When purchasing, it must be guaranteed by a nationally recognized professional brand: such as the official air humidifier of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - the Yadu humidifier, which is strictly controlled by the International Olympic Committee. The professional brands screened out are also special products for the 2008 Olympic venues and the Olympic Village.

Note 2: Household purifying humidifiers with children are more suitable

In terms of technical differences, the humidifier is currently divided into an ultrasonic humidifier and a purifying humidifier. The ultrasonic humidifier mainly uses nearly 2 million ultrasonic high-frequency oscillations per second to atomize water molecules into ultrafine particles of 1 to 5 microns and can generate 1.5 billion to 10 billion (per cubic meter) of negative oxygen ions. Then, through the air moving device, it is diffused into the air to achieve uniform humidification and health care.

As a upgraded product of the humidifier, the purifying humidifier adopts the unique molecular sieve evaporation technology and water curtain washing air technology of Yadu Company, which can humidify the air and also carry out the bacteria, dust and particles in the air. Filter and purify, and then send the humid and clean air to the room through the air moving device to improve the humidity and cleanliness of the environment. The humidifier using this technology can prevent winter flu germs, especially for families with elderly people and children.

In addition, the purifier is completely free of water quality restrictions, no water mist, more uniform dispersion and humidification, and an efficiency of more than 30% than ordinary humidification.

Note 3: Vigilance against fake brand name and miscellaneous factory products

Since there is no “humidifier industry standard” in China, some brands of humidifiers are pursuing short-term benefits, lack of self-discipline in production, and shoddy in the procurement, production and processing of raw materials. Although such products are cheap but quality And security is not guaranteed.

In terms of quality, the humidifier manufacturer that is currently certified by the ISO14000 environmental management system standard is only one of the Yadu companies. The ISO14000 environmental management certification is called the “green passport” recognized by the international market.

As the humidifier market continues to expand, some large home appliance companies are also involved in the production of humidifiers, but they often adopt OEM (OEM) methods, select some small humidifier manufacturers, and then stick their own brands. Enter the market at a low price. Although such products are draped in the coats of some famous brands, the quality of the products is very inferior. Consumers often do not know the truth, and they have not got a good humidification effect and have spent money.

Humidifiers use tips:

1. Add Banlangen granules, Houttuynia injection or antiviral oral solution in a humidifier tank at a ratio of 1:20 to prevent influenza.

2. Add a few drops of vinegar to the humidifier to play a bactericidal role.

3. Add a few drops of toilet water to the humidifier to relieve nasal congestion in children.

4. Add lavender essential oil to the humidifier to improve sleep quality.

5. Room humidification can make wooden furniture not deformed, just brush the wall surface is not open.

6. Add 3 or 4 drops of lemon essential oil to the water tank to regulate the skin of the woman and whiten it.

7. Add light salt water to the water tank to relieve sore throat and chronic pharyngitis.

8. Open the humidifier when cutting the onion to avoid tears.

9, put a humidifier next to the computer, you can clear the static electricity.

10. During the humidification process, several goldfish are stocked in the water tank to beautify the living room.