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Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice

In the autumn of September, it is the annual Mid-Autumn Festival!
 Holiday time notice:
 Office staff (business, finance, procurement, administration, personnel, research and development, planning, etc.), holiday time is September 2 (Friday) - September 14 (Saturday) for 2 days, September 15 normal work  .

 Production system (including assembly workshop general, injection workshop general, workshop management personnel, quality control department inspection, warehouse system material staff, logistics support (canteen chef and cleaner), holiday time is September 13 (Friday)  A total of 1 day, normal work on September 14th.

 The general manager prepared the "Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Package" for all employees (excluding the employees who had submitted the resignation). At 17:00 today, the first floor lobby lined up to receive the general manager and the administrative department. I wish all staff and their families:
 Mid-Autumn Festival!  [laughing out loud]
 Healthy body!  [Yay]
 Happy family!