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About the humidifier, the following 9 suggestions you may wish to look again

1. It is best to keep away from heat, corrosion and furniture in a stable plane of 0.5m to 1.5m high to avoid direct sunlight.

2. Use when the relative humidity is less than 80%.

3. Do not touch the water surface with your hands when using it, and do not use it in an empty box. The water in the water tank should be drained when moving. Do not invert.

4. The water used should be below 40 °C. Do not add other types of chemicals.

5, according to their own requirements for humidity, reasonable adjustment of the amount of spray and constant humidity.

6. Do not use it in the case of frozen ice. Stop it immediately when it encounters a fault.

7. Clean the humidifier once a week. Do not put the machine into the water during cleaning. The temperature of the washing water must not exceed 50 °C.

8. Do not use detergent, kerosene, alcohol, etc. to clean the fuselage and components. Do not disassemble parts yourself.

9. Clean the transducer piece with a soft 'hair brush; the sink is wiped with a soft cloth twice a week; the sensor is wiped with a soft cloth; the water tank can be washed and shaken two or three times.