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Solar street lights do these three maintenance, life will be longer

1. Maintenance of solar battery

I believe that people who know a little about solar street lights should know that the core part of solar street lights is solar cells. The working principle of solar energy is that the solar panels absorb sunlight into electricity during the day, and the battery is powered at night to make the street lights. So if you want to maintain a good solar street light, the first thing we have to do is to maintain the battery of the solar street light.

The solar battery must prevent rainwater from entering, and its solar panel lighting surface should be cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent dust from entering. It is also worth noting that the temperature of the solar battery should be controlled, not too high, nor too low, and avoid full discharge. Want a longer life of solar street lights, batteries must be the most indispensable place.

2, solar line maintenance

Traditional street lamps require pitted leads, and maintenance of the line is also very troublesome. However, the solar street light is different, it does not need to dig the lead wire, and the maintenance focus is on the line connecting the components. If you want solar street lights to work properly, check the lines regularly to see if the lines are aging. If there is aging, replace them in time.

In fact, the maintenance of the solar street light line is relatively simple, but it can not be ignored. It is necessary to arrange regular inspections to ensure that the solar street light can operate for a longer period of time.
3. Maintenance of solar street light fixtures

The lamps of solar street lamps and traditional street lamps are actually almost the same. We need to press the street light switches less frequently, so that the street lights are not often used in humid environments. Generally speaking, these two points, solar street lights The luminaire should be able to be used for a long time.

In recent years, solar street lamps have been increasingly valued by urban lighting projects. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, have little impact on the environment, and are easy to install. They can also save us manpower and material resources to a certain extent. However, the maintenance of solar street lights must be paid more attention, so that its life will be longer!