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Use a humidifier Remember these three points

Original title: Use a humidifier Remember these three points

Hualong News, June 4th, June 4th As the weather turns hot, blowing air conditioners becomes an indispensable part of everyday life. In order to prevent excessive drying, many people will put a humidifier in the room and enjoy the moist sensation of water mist. Do you know how to use the humidifier correctly? Lets come look.

First, purified water and distilled water have high purity and no impurities. It is the best choice for humidifiers.

Second, uninterrupted use of humidifiers for a long time will cause excessive humidity in the room and will also cause damage to the body. It usually takes two to three hours to shut down. The window is opened so that outdoor air can circulate.

Third, the use of humidifier must always change the water, regular cleaning, unclean water quality may cause respiratory fungal infections, long-term inhalation of the source of pollution or can cause acute lung infections, that is, "humidified pneumonia."