The following are various types of home humidifier related content, hope to help you to understand the humidifier.

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  • 3.5L 7 colour aromatherapy humidifier suit for the badroom while sleeping it can build the sweet and peaceful atmosphere, it also fit for the office ladies to enjoy the cosy& comfortable worktime. beautiful 7-color changing night light can arose the sleepy during night this mini smart aroma diffuser can make your life more easefully.

  • This personal wearable necklace mini air purifier can removes duts,smoke,germs,pollen.It helps people who smoke, people who are susceptible to pollen allergies.Negative ion concentration:7-19.99Million/cm³. Charging speed:2min/1m³.Silence working.Charging time:1h.

  • The 35db silent operation of this bedroom ultrasonic humidifier can bring good sleep. One click to open 350ml/h fog water molecules to diffuse into the air, and the fog can enter the air and moisten the whole place with 350ml/h fog.

  • This portable aroma essential oil diffuser is equipped with USB socket, which has ultrasonic cooling atomization function and low power consumption. It is very suitable for air humidification in cars and offices. It is convenient and safe to carry when going out and traveling.

  • This High quality spheroidal 200ml USB mini humidifier has the spherical shape is popular for a long time,Customizable color LOGO,No water leaks when dumped,30-40ml/h all-around humidification of spray volume,USB power cable is suitable for office, home and car, Quiet humidification without any noise,A small night light display adds a touch of brilliance to the night,out of the mist fine rapid diffusion to the air is not wet desktop, All-around hydrating device

  • This New design ultrasonic USB cool mist small humidifier mini portable water bottle humidifier has portable mini size,Car/travel use,perfect choices for promotion and gifts,silence working,small enough to easily fit in your luggage or carry on.

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