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  • The solar LED garden lamp uses solar radiation energy as energy. During the day, the solar battery panel is used to charge the battery. At night, the battery is used to supply high-efficiency LED light source.


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  • We develop more new solar mosaic jar lights.


  • Generally use 3~6 drops of essential oil, which can cover an area of 10-20 square meters, which is the size of a room. In special cases, the amount of essential oils can be increased. For example, when a newly renovated house wants to remove formaldehyde, 8 drops of purified essential oil can be used to incense.


  • Solar energy lamp can be widely used for embellishment decoration on lawns, squares, parks and other occasions, and belongs to the technical field of lamps and lanterns. It mainly uses a lampshade to connect the bottom bracket, the battery board is placed on the battery box and is built in the lampshade, the battery box is installed on the bottom bracket, the light emitting diode is installed on the battery board


  • The working principle of the solar lamp is simple. The solar cell is made by the principle of photovoltaic effect. During the day, the solar panel receives the solar radiation energy and converts it into electrical energy output. It is stored in the storage battery through the charge and discharge controller.