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  • Aromatic molecules from nature are necessary for every family, as long as it is safe, pure and effective to use CPTG grade essential oils, encourage everyone to incense in the family, for the child’s delicate lung breathing There will be a good purification effect.


  • Generally use 3~6 drops of essential oil, which can cover an area of 10-20 square meters, which is the size of a room. In special cases, the amount of essential oils can be increased. For example, when a newly renovated house wants to remove formaldehyde, 8 drops of purified essential oil can be used to incense.


  • In fact, the white powder left after the spray of the humidifier is the scale we often say. If it is deposited in the humidifier for a long time, it will only affect the life of the humidifier equipment. The small amount does not cause much harm to the human body.


  • The most common type of household humidifier is the ultrasonic humidifier, which has fast and uniform humidification. Some experts have conducted experiments on it, adding pure water, mineral water and tap water to monitor the air pollution. The result is really amazing!


  • Since winter, the indoor air has been dry, and many people have begun to use humidifiers to adjust the air humidity. It should be noted that if the humidifier is used improperly, it will endanger human health. Today, let's talk together, are you using these wrong methods?


  • Solar energy lamp can be widely used for embellishment decoration on lawns, squares, parks and other occasions, and belongs to the technical field of lamps and lanterns. It mainly uses a lampshade to connect the bottom bracket, the battery board is placed on the battery box and is built in the lampshade, the battery box is installed on the bottom bracket, the light emitting diode is installed on the battery board