Industry News

  • Ordinary air purifiers usually place the fan at the front end of the filter or the middle end of the filter (upper and lower piles with filtering wind channels) to reduce noise. It can be said that ALLERAIR has achieved the perfect combination of the core elements of the purifier: high -performance filter material, absolute sealing and strong fan. Allerair's fan efficiency can reach more than 90%.


  • A larger volume and share: the Allerair air purifier of high quality alloy steel housings is larger than the general light air purifier. Its 5000 Series, 6000 Series, 8000 Series, not only large, and this cylindrical housing is designed with the wind turbine structure, ensuring efficient use of internal space. A larger volume and component ensure that the Allerair air purifier can operate reliably in severe contamination.


  • Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environmental Environment and Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, recently pointed out that some air purifier manufacturers are increasing, and air purification products are getting thinner.


  • It should be noted that some air purifiers have negative ions or negative oxygen ion functions, in fact, the negative oxygen ions thereof are not true oxygen, and they are easily unstable for negative oxygen ions during the generation of negative oxygen ions. Ozone, a short time to open negative oxygen ion function may be able to start, but this function is not allowed to open.


  • The time of the air purifier has been out of time, but before 2011, there are only a few consumers in the domestic market, mainly in order to remove decoration pollution; since 2011, with smog, PM2.5 (fine particles) Wide attention, a large number of consumers began using air purifiers.


  • Replace the filter material's convenience: It is necessary to understand whether the air purifier is convenient before purchasing, and the general air purifier is only replaced by the initial filter. Other parts generally need to replace or repair the maintenance. This matter must be confirmed before you purchase.