Solar Lawn Landscape Spike Lights

The Solar Lawn Landscape spikelights system works on the principle of photovoltaic effect.Solar Cells During the day, solar panels receive radiant energy from the sun and convert it into electrical output.


The Solar Lawn Landscape spikelights can change the lighting effect through the lampshade to form a variety of different light spot effect.You can put the Solar Lawn Landscape spikelights on the side of the road, in the garden, in the square, in the school.All the places that need to beautify the landscape are inseparable from its figure.The Solar Lawn Landscape spikelights alsohas good waterproof performance and up to 8-10 hours of working time.


The Solar Lawn Landscape spike Lights provide you with different lighting decorative effect, wealsohave spot light and buriedlight, according to your needs to recommend the best quality Solar Lawn Landscape spike light.


We are a professional solar lighting manufacturer, supplier and factory.With more than 13 years of industry experience, we can provide you with professional solar garden lights, buried lights, landscape lights one-stop solution.


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  • Different from traditional Solar outdoor landscape torch light , this Solar outdoor landscape torch light is made of stainless steel and plastic.The stainless steel mesh is covered by a plastic cover, which creates a very nice light spot effect and effectively protects the plastic lampshade.It has 36 bright LED beads, and we've done the best in terms of landscape lighting.Installing it in your garden or on a path is the best option.

  • The Outdoor light Solar pathway spike light is our company's flagship solar lighting products, the annual sales volume can reach 200,000.It is available in a variety of colors such as silver, copper, and bronzer.Can be used for garden decoration, lawn decoration, road decoration.Adopt ground nail type installation, convenient and quick.

  • China's NEW design black model 8 LED solar ground light are made of stainless steel and plastic.The newly designed black model reflects the feeling of high-end luxury.It can be better integrated into each use scenario.You can use it in gardens, squares, lanes, parking lots.We are a professional solar garden lamp manufacturer, factory and supplier.We are committed to new product research and development, continuous innovation, to bring better use experience for customers.

  • china Solar In-Ground light is made of ABS plastic, stainless steel .It's one of best selling products of our company.It can be used in multiple venues in Garden ,Lane Square and pathway.

  • Solar Flame Flickering light truly prove to be a very safe alternative to the real flames as they don’t actually carry real fire. The Solar Flame Flickering light is actually made with 96 LEDs that cast a rather soft, mood-enhancing, pleasant glow. Though it may not spread a bright light, but it is effective enough and can be used when for making your environment pleasant. These lights use unique optical controlled technology, which helps to create a rather

  • The solar stainless steel lawn bollard light can be recharged by sunlight for 6 to 8 hours to provide 10 to 12 hours of lighting for energy savings.Use this product more often in the garden path or around the square, simple installation, energy saving and environmental protection

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