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What is the difference between street lights and courtyard lights?


There are many types of street lights, but they are not limited to courtyard lights, because there are solar street lights or LED street lights in the street lights.

The biggest difference between street lights and courtyard lights is that their use areas are completely different. Street lights are mainly used in roads or national roads and right roads. The courtyard lights are mainly used in communities, as well as courtyards and villas, etc., and even they can use it for it for it. Do a good job of lighting.

The use materials between the two will also be different. Generally speaking, all the street lights are made of some steel, and the garden lights are made of aluminum. Of course, there are iron or stainless steel in this. The material price is more or less different.

The role of the two is completely different, because the main function of the garden lights is to use it to light up, focusing on the functional use of functional use, which can provide a large range of lighting to meet people's needs on the night. The garden lights can be used for lighting or viewing. Generally speaking, after the courtyard lamp provides lighting conditions, it also has decorative effects.

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