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How much do you know about solar flower lights?


The solar LED garden lamp uses solar radiation energy as energy. During the day, the solar battery panel is used to charge the battery. At night, the battery is used to supply high-efficiency LED light source. It does not need complicated and expensive pipeline laying, and the layout of the lamp can be adjusted arbitrarily, safely, energy-saving and pollution-free. The manual operation is stable and reliable, saving electricity and maintenance.

Now let me tell you solar flower lights adventages:

1. Ultra-long life semiconductor chip light, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, the service life can reach 50,000 hours (the life of ordinary incandescent lamp is only one thousand hours, the service life of ordinary energy-saving lamp is only eight thousand hour)
2. Light health The light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, and does not produce radiation (normal light lines contain ultraviolet and infrared rays)
3. Green and environmental protection Contains no harmful elements such as mercury and antimony, which is good for recycling and utilization, and does not cause electromagnetic interference. (Ordinary lamps contain elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps can cause electromagnetic interference)

4.High safety factor The required voltage and current are small, the heat is small, and there is no safety hazard. It can be used in dangerous places such as mines.

5.The four above is advantages of the solar flower lights.But one of the main advantage of solar flower light is beauty .Its design combines both functions about beauty and illumnation.The solar flower lights will be become your first choice to decorate your own energy products have already become the maindream products in the market.In the future,solar lamps will be more and more get involved in people’s lives.