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China's Clean Energy Industry Is More Sights In 2018


In the field of clean energy in China, the development trend of photovoltaic power in recent years is particularly attracting attention. Influenced by multiple factors such as online tariff adjustment and cost reduction, the scale of PV market in China has expanded rapidly in 2017.

The annual development report of China's clean energy industry (2017) published by the China Economic Information Service (China Economic Information Society) shows that the capacity of photovoltaic power installed in China continued to grow rapidly last year, adding an additional installed 53.06GW, up 53.6% in the last 5 years in the world. The new 19.44GW of distributed photovoltaic increased by 3.7 times compared with the same period last year. By the end of December 2017, the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power in China has reached 130GW, of which PV power station 100.59GW, distributed photovoltaic 29.66GW.

On the manufacturing side, the PV manufacturing industry in China continued to expand steadily in 2017, and the production scale of the industrial chain was over 50% in all aspects of the global production scale, and continued to be the first in the world. In addition, under the joint promotion of technological progress, production automation and intelligent transformation, China's PV industry chain production costs have dropped significantly. Li Jijun, director of the Energy Information Department of the China economic information society, has benefited from the enlargement of the market scale, the substantial improvement of enterprise shipments and technological progress. The profit level of China's photovoltaic enterprises has been significantly improved. The highest interest rates in the upper reaches of silicon, silicon, raw materials, downstream inverters and power stations are up to 45, respectively. .8%, 57.34%, 21.8%, 33.54% and 50%.

"It is worth noting that in 2017, the installed capacity of distributed PV is far ahead of 5 years, and the total installed capacity exceeds the market expectations." Li Jijun said that the problem of discarding light has not been completely solved, the growth rate of China's centralized power station will be relatively slow in the future, and with the effect of the "leader" project, even the common ground power station, the requirements for components and inverters will become higher and higher, distributed photovoltaic as a relief of this situation. The breakthrough point is expected to usher in the peak of development. "In addition, in view of the limit of the photovoltaic power station, the number of the 'leader' base project is also certain, and the distribution will be the main form of photovoltaic development in the future." Li Jijun said.

Looking forward to 2018, the report predicts that the future of solar photovoltaic industry has a good prospect, and the problem of light up is expected to be further alleviated. It is expected that the scale of PV installed in China will be between 40GW and 50GW in 2018, and the industrial layout will continue to shift to the central and eastern regions. And so on will become the focus of the industry development.