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solar outdoor light

SolarGlow Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights, 15 …

Solar Powered Outdoor Lamp

Solar High Lumen Garden Light Powered Outdoor Lamp …

Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp

Solar Powered LED Light Mosquito Bug Zapper Insect Killer …

Solar Power sensor Wall Light

Solar Power Highlight LED PIR sensor Wall Light motion …

What is led solar lights

A solar light is made up by small panel ,rechargeable battery and led.

It translates the power of sunlight to electricity , storing energy inside the battery then light up the led when it is dark.

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solar wall lights

Lydia: I love it! It has been a good company for me when a lonely summer night. Cause, I'd like to stay in my garden for a long time. What's more, it is very cheap. Nice!

Ivan: Oh, it is a nice decorations for garden. We also use it to decorate my house.And it is very energy saving, and the battery can be used for long time.

Daniel: It has been very pop all over the world. I have done some bussiness with it.  Abusolutely, it is a moneymaker.