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Solar Landscape Lights Working Principle

At present, the global energy crisis is intensifying. Countries are looking for new energy sources to replace depleted coal, oil, natural gas, and other non-renewable energy sources on the planet. As one of the new lighting methods, can solar lighting provoke heavy burdens and play a leading role in the lighting industry in the future? This is not only the focus of the lighting industry, but also the focus of attention and attention of the entire society. After many years of exploration and accumulation, the new style entered the photovoltaic industry in 2006 and dared to provoke the burden of solar and wind lighting.

Everyone knows that the advantages of solar street lights are: providing electricity by solar energy photoelectric conversion is inexhaustible and inexhaustible; the installation is simple, there is no need for wiring or “opening” to dig the ground construction, and there is no power outage concern; No accidents such as electric shock or fire. Therefore, the new style has always been the focus of research and attention of all parties in the development of solar energy products. Based on the existing technology, technicians and manufacturers have brainstormed and made breakthroughs in many aspects, laying a solid foundation for solar street lamps to reach every household. Experts predict that the new style of solar lighting will become popular in the next three years and become a new force that cannot be underestimated in the future lighting industry.

Because silicon wafers are expensive, the initial solar energy is only used in the aerospace industry. After a slight breakthrough in technology, the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries took the lead in trying to use them in high-tech fields. However, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, it is first applied to lighting fixtures in civilian applications. In recent years, due to the dual advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, solar lighting products have gradually formed scales such as solar garden lights, solar lawn lamps, and solar decorative lights.

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement in the aspects of environmental beautification, greening and lighting in rural areas, solar street lamps as a new type of lighting source have also been well applied in the construction of beautiful rural villages. For today's rural construction, the completion of the road hardening project, the green energy-saving lighting of solar street lamps has become a new direction of development in rural areas. By making full use of solar energy in the lighting of roads, solar street lights will realize the transformation of rural landscapes in both cost and environmental protection. Through the use of low cost to ensure that rural road lighting solar street lighting as a new source of rural road lighting, to achieve a good rural rural improvement. In the face of the vigorous development of the transformation of the rural landscape, Yunkai Solar will work together with the rural landscape transformation and upgrading project to achieve a good rural rural construction.