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Sino-German Joint Design: Build Solar "Shared Houses"

On June 19th, the reporter learned from the second China International Solar Decathlon Organizing Committee that many of the teams participating in this competition are teams of Chinese and foreign college students. In this connection, the reporter visited the project jointly designed by Brunswick University of Technology and Southeast University in Germany. “The current accelerated urbanization has caused environmental degradation and energy shortages. At the same time, the boundaries of people’s lives, residences, offices, and communication spaces have gradually been broken in the information era. Traditional houses with wall separation and well-defined interfaces are no longer able to cater to modern people. In this context, the C-House project came into being.” TEAM TUBSEU project manager Tang Song, a student at Southeast University, explained the team project design concept to reporters. “We combined environmental protection materials and design concepts as much as possible. The transparent north-south glass curtain wall uses thermal glass to achieve comfort and energy conservation. Indoor bamboo materials and recycled waste plastics are used as facings. Outdoor straw bricks and bamboo flooring are widely used to achieve low levels. "The concept of carbon energy conservation." Tang Song said that C-HOUSE placed outside the small-scale decentralized sewage treatment system, its biofilm technology can make the treated domestic wastewater meet the national standard.
In addition, smart home is an important element of C-HOUSE, C-house's electrical and intelligent systems will integrate all the equipment and home in the house, providing convenient and intelligent operation. “We even put the electric car into the living room. The garage has become an important part of our flow space.” Tang Song said that the combination of electric vehicles and solar energy utilization forms a “green + traffic” green way of travel.
According to reports, TEAM TUBSEU stands for TUBS + SEU, namely Braunschweig University of Technology in Germany and Southeast University in China. The letter S (Solar) connects the two teams together like a solar energy. "Our two parties are working closely together and integrating innovations. I believe we must shine in the competition." Tang Song said with great expectations.