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Have you seen a football-like integrated solar landscape light?

In the city where the car is like a dragon and a tall building, there is an impetuous atmosphere, especially at night, when the lights are on, the lights are full of people’s ancient instigation. However, in the corner of the city, some solar landscape lights appear quiet, peaceful, unique, warm and soft lighting to soothe your tired body and mind, at this moment, if you are talking with friends and family under the solar landscape lights, it is a pleasant time to enjoy the flowers and appreciate the moon. Things! Spit out the inner unhappiness, release yourself, calm your mind and body, charge yourself, and the next day will be full of blood and return to normal state. Although the solar landscape light does not speak, it quietly accompany you to guard you.

The shade of the solar landscape lamp is milky white, with long-lasting color, high gloss and smooth color. It can be used for 8 to 10 years without discoloration. It is highly transparent and can be used to decorate the solar landscape on the courtyard lawn or swimming pool. The lights will make the whole courtyard full of warmth. The sea particles of this solar landscape light are designed to avoid the matchmaking, new upgrade, easy installation, waterproof IP 68 design, durable, as long as there is sunshine and electricity in the whole year, of course, when it is raining It can also be moved home to recharge, and then moved out to the place where it needs light. The solar landscape lamp weighs 0.68 kilograms. The drop test drops from the height of one meter two. The accessories of the solar landscape light will not loosen, the ball shade is intact, no Burst line.