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2018 International Solar Decathlon Competition Pre-match Training Conference Held in Dezhou

The 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition (SDC2018) will be held in Dezhou, Shandong Province from August to October 2018. From July 7th to July 8th, the SDC Organizing Committee held a pre-match training session for the 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition. At the meeting, the overall arrangement of the competition, plenary sessions, special group training and safety training were carried out. Focus on training. Twenty-two teams from 37 universities and colleges from 9 countries and regions gathered to learn and understand the arrangement of the competition and related safety knowledge.

The training session was hosted by Ms. Tian Yuan, Deputy Secretary General of the SDC Organizing Committee. Dr. Yin Hongjun, Secretary General of the SDC Advisory Committee delivered a speech to the participating teams. On behalf of the SDC Organizing Committee, Dr. Yin welcomes the participating teams to visit Texas and wishes everyone all the best in the next competition. “We have the ability to make the world a better, cleaner, and more sustainable development.” Dr. Yin said that his wise and humorous speech won the praise of the participating teams.

In order to let the team understand the dangers at the construction site, and take timely measures to avoid accidents. At the pre-match training meeting, the organizing committee conducted detailed construction safety training for the players, and sorted out important contents such as personal protective equipment, fall protection, fire prevention and safety management system, so that every player can construct the construction. It’s safe to enter the heart and enjoy the fun of the competition.

The Dezhou Municipal Government gave high priority to this event and strongly supported it. Since many of the 22 teams participating in the competition came from overseas, many of them came to China for the first time. Therefore, in order to protect the personal safety of the participants and participate in the competition smoothly. The organizing committee specially invited the police of Dezhou Public Security Bureau to popularize the basic knowledge of Chinese law and the instructions in China at the pre-competition training meeting, which greatly benefited the overseas players present.

The training of the pre-match training will help the participating teams to deepen their understanding of the competition and facilitate the smooth development of the 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition (SDC Competition). At the same time, it is also for the teams in the competition. Getting good results has a positive meaning.

The 2018 China International Solar Decathlon Competition (SDC Competition) will promote the development of green buildings through the form of competitions, enhance people's awareness of environmental protection, and promote the innovative development and commercialization of related technologies. Adhering to the concept of building as a carrier, smart home as the core, and the spirit of world citizenship as the spirit, the Olympic Games in the field of solar energy and green building will be built.

This competition will show the international vision of energy issues, strengthen the international exchange of green energy, provide new thinking and direction for energy conservation and emission reduction, accelerate the adjustment of China's energy structure, effectively protect the ecological environment, and promote the steady development of social economy.