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About energy storage component batteries in solar lighting and power generation systems

There are many alternative energy storage methods, such as capacitor energy storage, flywheel energy storage, and superconducting energy storage. Solar power industry developers generally consider the comprehensive factors such as convenience, reliability, and price to choose the energy storage device that suits them. Because the battery is a weak link in the whole system, if it is not properly selected, it will increase the operating cost of the entire system.

The trend of lithium batteries becoming the mainstream battery technology for energy storage is becoming more and more obvious. For example, GE abandoned its own single-lax battery and switched to lithium battery embrace; Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler AG also announced the launch of lithium battery energy storage products. , enter the grid energy storage market.

Some companies use all-vanadium flow batteries as energy storage devices in off-grid PV systems. A new type of battery, which is a high-performance battery that uses a positive and negative electrolyte to separate and circulate. It has the characteristics of high capacity, wide application area (environment) and long cycle life. a new energy product. The all-vanadium liquid flow battery is a new type of energy storage energy storage device, which can be used not only as an energy storage device for solar energy and wind power generation processes, but also for peak shaving of power grids, improving grid stability and ensuring grid security.

At present, energy storage equipment is a relatively weak link in the whole system of photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, all countries in the world are now studying how to improve the energy storage without increasing the cost.