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China will take the lead in building solar power stations in space

China's space photovoltaic power station will move forward with four installations. The first phase of 2011 to 2020 will carry out verification and design of space power stations. The second phase of 2021 to 2025 will build the first low-orbit space power station system. In the third phase from 2026 to 2040, the space power station system will be launched and assembled, and the commercial operation of the power station will be officially realized from 2036 to 2050. The design life is 30 years.

Human fantasy of space has never stopped. A long time ago, people thought that the starry sky was just curious. It was just that there was another landscape above the fantasy sky, but now our exploration of space is due to the demand for resources. We all Knowing that the resources on the earth have been ruined by our human beings, although there is no such state of extreme deprivation, there is no long-term concern and there must be a near-worry for our future.

We all know that the treasures contained in space are endless. Although the current technology of mankind is limited, at least solar energy is the only energy we can use now. At present, our use of solar energy is limited to solar panels on the ground, such as China. Photovoltaic power generation relies on large-area solar panels to convert solar energy. However, this type of utilization is not only inefficient and costly, but it is not efficient to convert solar energy on the ground. So why not try it in space?

Scientists have long proposed that the use of satellites to absorb solar energy in space, and then convert the energy into microwaves and send them back to Earth. Many people will doubt this trouble. It is better to build more solar panels directly on the earth, knowing that they are in space. The conversion efficiency of solar energy can be increased by 14 times, and there is no cloudy wind and rain in space. It is precisely because of the high conversion rate of solar energy in space that every country wants to convert solar energy into space.

Expert budget, the space power station is expected to cost 8 trillion yuan, equivalent to the cost of hundreds of Three Gorges power stations, but with China's current strength, as long as it can be beneficial to the development of the Chinese people, fully capable, and have enough funds to build space power stations, Recalling the history of aviation development in China decades ago, the first generation of astronauts developed the Dongfanghong No. 1 in the era of poverty and whiteness in China. For us now, is the space power station far from us? China has never planned to conquer the world, and all kinds of high-tech research and development knowledge has become better for the lives of ordinary people!

After the unremitting efforts of scientific researchers in China, we finally took the lead and proposed the idea of a multi-rotating joint space solar power station. At present, China has already begun to take this idea. It is expected to strive for the first low in space before 2025. The orbital space power station is then expected to carry out the final assembly of the space power station in 2040. It is necessary to know that this big guy can reach several square kilometers in space. It is natural that the human and material resources involved are difficult to understand, but we cannot give up in order to compete for space resources. This big guy in the future space is also known as the Three Gorges of space. I believe that there will be another large project for the benefit of our country.