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Capturing the energy of celestial bodies outside the Earth, China leads the world, and solar power investment exceeds trillions

The energy of solar energy is the energy from the celestial bodies outside the earth (mainly solar energy). It is the enormous energy released by the hydrogen nucleus in the sun when it is super-high temperature. Most of the energy required by human beings comes directly or indirectly from the sun.

Humans have mastered the power technology that converts celestial solar energy from outside the Earth into our daily use.

And this technology, China has been at the forefront of the world.

Solar energy can be converted into a variety of other forms of energy, so the application range is very wide, there are solar greenhouses, dry items and solar cookers, solar water heaters, etc. in terms of heat utilization, but the use of solar energy for power generation is the most efficient way to use.

At present, China has built the world's largest solar power industry, and its products can meet more than 80% of the global solar power plant construction needs.

More than 300 million kilowatts of solar power plants that have been put into operation around the world can emit nearly 400 billion kilowatts of clean electricity every year, which can meet the annual electricity demand of a country in the UK and Germany.

After 20 years of development, the solar power industry has cost up to RMB 6 per unit of electricity from the beginning. At present, it can already achieve a cost of 0.20 yuan per kilowatt hour, even lower than the cost price of coal power generation.

The solar power plants put into operation in China are close to half of the world's scale, and China has become the center of the world's solar power industry.

With the continuous improvement of the capture solar power technology and the cost reduction, the global solar power investment has accelerated in recent years, and the annual installed capacity of solar power is close to 100 million kilowatts, with an investment of more than 600 billion yuan.

China is the region with the widest diversity of solar power plant development and application forms.

It can be used to build small solar power stations on the roof of the residents. It can also be built on deserts and deserted land. It can also be built on the water surface of the lake. It can also be installed on the roof of a car or even on the roof of a train.

The most popular form of expression is the construction of solar power stations on agricultural greenhouses and agricultural land, and the increase in farmers' income, which can produce clean electricity.

At the same time, solar power generation can generate stable income and build fast. The Chinese government also uses solar power for poverty alleviation. The government freely builds solar power stations for poor households in poverty-stricken areas, and the income generated is used to help poor households get rid of poverty. This measure has been highly appreciated by relevant international parties and has provided lessons for many underdeveloped countries in the world to solve poverty problems.

Solar energy resources are almost infinite, solar power generation does not produce any environmental pollution, is the ideal energy to meet the needs of the future society, the country's environmental protection and the huge demand for renewable clean energy, solar power, this green energy will become an important energy for the future society.