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The 22nd International Solar Photochemical Conversion and Energy Storage Conference was held in Fei

On July 30th, the 22nd International Solar Photochemical Conversion and Energy Storage Conference (hereinafter referred to as “IPS-22”) was held in Hefei. The conference attracted more than 700 scientists from more than 50 countries, including Nobel Prize nominees and top international scholars, to jointly polymerize fertilizers and jointly develop the photovoltaic industry and “Sword” solar technology. The conference will be held on August 2nd.

The conference was jointly organized by the Hefei Institute of Material Science, the North China Electric Power University, the Tianjin University, and the Anhui New Energy Association. The conference aims to focus on how to effectively convert light energy into an important issue, focusing on the direction of national strategic development and hotspots of economic activities. As well as the frontiers of global scientific research, we will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on important scientific issues in the fields of green low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, and photovoltaic optoelectronics.

It is reported that the IPS Conference is the largest global conference with the largest influence in the field of solar energy research in the field of renewable energy, the most extensive field and the longest history. It is also known as the “Olympic Conference” in the field of photoelectric conversion. The conference was held in Boston, USA for the first time in 1974. It was held every two years. A number of Nobel Prize winners attended the conference and published their latest research results. The IPS-22 meeting will be held in Hefei, which will fully display the rich science and education resources of Anhui and Hefei, attract high-level talents to understand Anhui, settle in Anhui, expand the international popularity of the province, and promote the rapid development of the province's solar energy industry.