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The 22nd International Solar Photochemical Conversion and Storage Conference was successfully held

The IPS Conference is the most historical and international influence in the field of solar photochemical conversion and storage. It provides a high-level interactive platform for researchers in this field and promotes cooperation between academia and industry. communicate with. As one of the leading companies in the global photovoltaic industry, Sunshine Power always adheres to technological innovation to drive the development of enterprises, promote the industrial application of advanced technologies, actively play an exemplary role, and strongly support the sponsorship of academic conferences such as IPS to promote industry progress. Innovation, cooperation in production, learning and research.

Aiming at the impact of volatility, intermittent and randomness of photovoltaic power generation on the grid, how to improve the self-sufficiency rate of photovoltaic power generation and the development of distributed photovoltaics under zero subsidies, Gu Yilei, president of Sunshine Power Optical Storage Division The Ph.D. believes that the integration of photovoltaics and energy storage is the best solution to accelerate the rapid development of the industry.

“Sunshine Power has been exploring the combination of photovoltaic and energy storage technologies and innovative applications. We are one of the earliest companies involved in the field of energy storage in China. As early as 2016, we have achieved the highest market share in the energy storage market in China.” Gu Yilei “In the future, Sunshine Power will continue to actively promote and support various industries to innovate and exchange activities, and together with industry elites, actively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the clean energy industry, and the era of people enjoying clean electricity will come soon!”