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Application analysis of solar garden lights in the community

Domestic well-known real estate companies, their procurement of equipment is expected to introduce solar garden lights and related lighting systems, and actively explore and try. After the in-depth exchanges with them, the author made a simple discussion on the solar lighting application in the garden community.
At present, the community uses more than 3-3.5 meters of garden lights. With solar LED street lights, generally 8-12W can basically achieve the lighting effect of ordinary energy-saving lamps 20W. In addition, there are some lawn lights and landscape lights, but these lights are low in position. If there are tall trees in the surrounding area, it is difficult to achieve the ideal lighting effect by using solar lawn lights.

The author once visited some of the communities in Guangdong, such as Vanke and Country Garden. At present, the new buildings are generally higher in floor and greener. When using solar garden lights and lawn light tests, the right location is required to meet certain lighting needs. For some corners that are not exposed to sunlight, it is not suitable for all solar lighting. However, in the interview they also considered the solution for offline lighting, which is centralized power generation and decentralized lighting. This test and operation, found that the cost is higher, it is not cost-effective.

Through interviews and investigations, it was found that some old communities were considering the use of solar garden lighting during the renovation, but the solution is to look at the sun exposure in all directions, the solar panel orientation should be adjusted to the appropriate direction, followed by appropriate configuration. Again, for some dark corners, only the mains or solar panels can be separated from the main body of the streetlight.