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Solar mosquito killer only hits mosquitoes and does not hit people, safe and harmless

Produce a temptation to mosquitoes and electric shock to kill the mosquitoes. Inducing pests and females to prevent the breeding of pests. It can greatly reduce the advantages of using pesticides, and can replace conventional electricity, and has the advantage of saving energy. It is the most ideal physical pest control method for human beings today.
As the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes and other insects are slowly recovering in this warming season. The warm environment is suitable for the growth and reproduction of fungi, and the threat of these aerial “killers” makes the health around us completely complete. no warranty.
When you mention mosquitoes, everyone will think of the feeling of itching after it, but how many people know its real harm?
So don't ignore the deadly killers around you, and the little mosquitoes are harmful.

Solar mosquito killer features:

1, material: metal, stainless steel, surface treatment; city power 220V or solar energy; power: 5-18W. Mosquito-killing method: double optical frequency vibrating violet lamp or LED composite light source; grid high voltage: 3KV current <5mA.
2. Quantitative mosquitoes are built, using mosquitoes to be sensitive to specific wavelengths of 365 nm, attracting mosquitoes by photocatalytic carbon dioxide, and killing mosquitoes instantaneously by using a peripheral high-voltage power grid;
3. Safety factor: Solar energy does not need wiring, it is safe and reliable, and it is absolutely safe to the human body.
4, mosquito killing area: 333--666 square meters (about 0.5-1 acres, 360-degree large area mosquito killing)
5, widely used in enterprises and institutions: family, tourism, hot springs, animal husbandry, schools, hospitals, parks, city squares, garden villas and other occasions.