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What are the safety aspects of solar insect control lamps?


in recent years, the technical improvement has given this professional solar insecticidal lamp more safety. It is reported that the safety of this solar insecticidal lamp is roughly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Safety of structure and design

In order to ensure better use and reliability of power supply, China's value-added solar insect-extinguishing lamps have adopted better raw materials as the basis, with better welding technology to ensure the reliability of its quality, and in structural design. The professional protective net is used to avoid the harm caused by human touch, and in the selection of structural design and material, it has been carefully screened and differentiated to ensure that the solar insecticidal lamp is more closely matched. The advantage of this structure ensures solar energy. Pest control lamps have a higher quality of safety in actual use;

2. Safety of mosquito trapping mode

The unique light and sound wave-induced means to achieve pest control is the most prominent feature of the insect-killing device, and the insect-killing method of this solar-killing insect lamp fundamentally avoids the pollution of chemicals, such as light waves. The method ensures a better mosquito trapping effect. For the human body, the use of the solar insect killing lamp has higher quality safety, and consumers purchase this safer solar insect killing lamp, fundamentally Ensure the quality of the refining while maintaining its own safety;

In general, the more safe solar insect-extinguishing lamp will always be the basis of product design, and it will perform better in both the structure and the way of use. Therefore, the customer needs to ensure the safety of the solar insect-killing lamp. It is necessary to make a choice by a professional merchant, and with the better professionalism and more precise control of the merchant, the safety performance of the solar insecticidal lamp can be ensured.