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What should I pay attention to when cleaning the insect control lamp?


Nowadays, there are many types of insect-killing lamps provided by the manufacturers of good insect-killing lamps. They are charged by solar panels, and there are also direct use of civilian power supply. No matter which type of insect-killing lamp, it must be in the high incidence period of insect pests. It is necessary to clean the lamps every day. So what do you need to pay attention to when cleaning up the insect control lamp?

1, must turn off the power

Pest control lamps are physically attracting and killing pests. Therefore, during the high incidence of insect pests, a large number of insect corpses will accumulate in the insect bag of the insect-killing lamp and the high-voltage power grid. Because of the high-voltage electricity on the grid, everyone When cleaning the insect-killing lamp, be sure to turn off the power first. If the power is not turned off, do not touch the insect-killing lamp by hand, so as to avoid serious damage to the human body caused by the voltage released by the high-voltage power grid.

2, pay attention to the order of cleaning

It is relatively easy to clean the insect body inside the insect-killing insect bag, as long as it is poured out. However, for the corpses of insects on the high-voltage power grid, everyone should pay attention to cleaning in a certain order when cleaning. You should take a brush and brush the worms from the top down and down the direction of the grid wire. If the worm body attached to the grid is too thick, then the grid can be removed first, which will make it easier to clean up, clean up the corpse and then install it.

Although it is not very difficult to clean the insect-killing lamp, it is not negligent in the process of cleaning up. The reputable insect-killing lamp manufacturer once again reminds everyone that when cleaning the pest body on the insect-killing lamp, it must be closed. Power supply, pay attention to the cleaning sequence of the power grid to avoid damage to the high voltage power grid. Only in accordance with the correct method to clean the insect-killing lamp can ensure the safety of the belt.