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What are the ways of outdoor solar mosquito killing mosquitoes?


Therefore, the outdoor solar mosquito killer has the characteristics of safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Moreover, the state-of-the-art outdoor solar mosquito killer has the advantage of integrating lighting, anti-mosquito and sterilization. Therefore, let's talk about the anti-mosquito methods for large-scale outdoor solar mosquito killers. The details are as follows:

First: carbon dioxide kills mosquitoes

Outdoor solar mosquito killers can take advantage of the sensitivity of mosquitoes to specific wavelengths to attract mosquitoes through photocatalytic carbon dioxide and instantly kill mosquitoes using high-voltage power grids outside the mosquito killer. In addition, the CO2 mosquito killing method is smokeless, odorless and low in energy consumption, while at the same time providing micro-light source illumination for outdoor and living rooms. Therefore, carbon monoxide is one of the most environmentally friendly outdoor mosquito killing methods.

Second: heat kills mosquitoes

This type of outdoor solar mosquito killer can simulate the similar temperature of the human body to induce mosquitoes to fly, while the outdoor solar mosquito killer uses a fan to stir the surrounding air to form a vortex so that the mosquitoes follow the wind and the mosquitoes enter the mosquito. It is sucked into the catching window of the device, whereby it is difficult for the mosquito to escape the vortex formed by the fan of the device, which is sucked by the vortex of the fan to the bottom of the trap until it is dried by air.

Third: light waves and colors

In addition, outdoor solar mosquito killers can emit specific light waves and colors to attract mosquitoes to achieve the effect of killing. When the mosquitoes are close to the outdoor solar mosquito killer, the equipment system uses the wind of the internal fan to suck the mosquito into the collecting trough to dry the mosquito to achieve the killing effect. ?

Therefore, the above is the main mosquito killing method for outdoor solar mosquito killing lamps, and the efficient and professional outdoor solar mosquito killing lamp has the characteristics of high efficiency, no chemical volatilization, safety and environmental protection. In addition, the outdoor solar mosquito killer is small in size and suitable for all environments, so the mosquito killer is one of the anti-mosquito tools that users can carry with them.