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How to make solar insect-killing lights work on rainy days?

1, using a battery with strong storage capacity

The solar-type insect-killing lamp converts electric energy through solar panels, which not only converts solar energy into usable electric energy per unit time, but also has a function of storing electricity, which can be used after conversion. The electric energy is stored, so if you want to continue to supply power to the insecticidal lamp in a cloudy and rainy climate, you need to use a storage battery.

2, to have a good power saving capacity

In order to ensure that the solar-type insect-killing lamp can also be used normally in rainy weather, in addition to the strong storage capacity of the food, it should also have good power-saving capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the discharge loss of the internal system of the insect-extinguishing lamp. To reduce unnecessary electrical losses during use.

3. Use high conversion solar panels

When there is rainy weather, the insect killing lamp can only rely on the electric energy stored in the battery to maintain the work. To increase the electric energy in the battery, it is necessary to use the solar panel with high conversion rate, so that it can be converted in the same time. The electric energy will be more, so that the stored energy in the battery is more sufficient, so that the work of the insecticidal lamp can be guaranteed in the rainy weather.

In this way, the solar-type insect-killing lamp can work normally in rainy weather. Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned points on improving the energy reserve and conversion rate, the reputable insect-killing lamp manufacturer reminds everyone that in the rainy weather, it is also necessary to do the protection work of the insect-killing lamp to avoid the wind and thunder. Damage to the insecticidal lamp.