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"Winter is coming, the rising sun is rising" - "The Rising Sun Wars Record" first play experience


It is another masterpiece by the well-known design master Eric.M.Lang (Wolf Teacher). I believe that many players have a strong interest in its background, art and strategy play, and today's spurs bring you its first experience.

Game introduction

The English version of "Rising Sun" in "The Rising Sun of the Rising Sun" was launched by CMON on Kickstarter in 2017. At that time, it received more than $4 million in crowdfunding and became one of the most popular board games. After a year of waiting, the Chinese version of "Rising Sun Wars Record" finally came out, many of the small partners may be the same as me, until this Chinese version comes out, there is a chance to play this game.
The background of the Rising Sun was set in ancient Japan. The gods were dissatisfied with the governance of the world's rulers. Five families were appointed to revive the land. The five families fought each other for the highest glory.