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IFC will help build solar power plants in Afghanistan

The Afghan government will work with IFC to develop a 40 MW solar power plant that will develop new models for subsequent solar projects to help the country reach the 2,000 MW target. The Afghan Finance Minister said that “this public-private partnership will play a key role in helping to provide more reliable and predictable electricity services, which will have a positive impact on businesses and households in Afghanistan.”
The agreement will enable IFC's PPP consultants to support the government in designing and bidding for the project to help attract solar companies to develop solar PV plants. IFC's cooperation with the government will be funded by the UK Department for International Development through DevCo, a multi-donor organization affiliated with the Private Infrastructure Development Group, and a global infrastructure agency.

The head of the IFC Middle East and North Africa region said, “In view of the scale of demand in Afghanistan, the private sector is likely to change in supporting the country’s infrastructure development.”