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How to judge the quality of the quality according to the price of solar street lamps

The price component of solar street lights is closely related to its own configuration. Specific to each component, and its performance and quality have a direct relationship. For example, the composition of solar street lamps is generally LED light source, solar panel is also called solar battery module, solar battery is also called lead-acid maintenance-free battery (colloid maintenance-free battery), street lamp pole, light control + time control controller. Each of these components has a significant impact on the overall system.

Generally, if the price of solar street lamps is low, at least one or two parts of the whole system will not meet the requirements of quality. This will not find problems in electronic products in the short term, but long-term use will result in the whole system not working. Stable, equipment failure or equipment damage.

There is also the warranty promised by individual solar street lamp manufacturers for 3 years and 5 years, but this does not become a talisman for street lamps. The warranty cost of the enterprise will inevitably be included in the unit price of sales. If the warranty is 5 years, the warranty cost is quite high. If the unit price is much lower than the market price, it can only indicate that his quality is lower than the market product. Otherwise, Where does corporate profit come from? For example, to buy a laptop, 4000 yuan warranty for two years, but to extend the one-year warranty you need to spend 500 dollars, this is not the so-called long warranty benefits?

What we want can't be the quality assurance that we should say, it should be a real product. After all, buying a product does not expect him to be broken to make after-sales maintenance, which is not good for everyone. So be sure to polish your eyes and see how good it is.