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Industry focus on solar thermal power generation

The industry believes that China has abundant renewable energy reserves, and the scale of development and construction is gradually expanding. At the same time, China's energy technology is maturing, and the renewable energy industrial system is gradually improved, forming a new energy industry, and its economic effects are also increasing. . Solar thermal power generation has attracted widespread attention because it can improve the power generation output characteristics through the heat storage system and ensure the stability of the output current.

Photothermal power uses a medium such as molten salt or oil to absorb heat from sunlight and convert it into electricity using a steam turbine. The solar thermal power generation system can store excess heat during the daytime, and then use the stored heat to release power generation at night to realize continuous power supply, ensure current stability, and avoid the problem of peaking of the network that is difficult to solve by photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation.

At present, the United States, Spain and other countries have relatively mature solar thermal power generation technology, and emerging market countries such as South Africa, Morocco and India are also catching up quickly. In China, CSP started relatively late, but it was strongly supported by the policy. In 2016, the National Energy Administration approved the first 20 demonstration projects, and the scale of China's CSP is also rapidly advancing. Recently, the National Energy Administration released the “Renewable Energy Power Quota and Assessment Measures” in the draft for comments. Solar thermal power generation, together with wind power and photovoltaics, has been included in the renewable energy quota and non-hydropower quota.

In September this year, the maiden voyage energy-saving announcement was announced. The company plans to change the use of the non-public offering proceeds in 2017, which will be used to successively develop the original Shenhua Guohua Yumen Molten Salt Tower 100MW CSP project and raise funds to invest in Zhangjiakou Dahua Solar. After the 49% equity of Power Generation Co., Ltd., it is the general contractor of Dahua Shangyi Project. It is reported that these two projects are also the first batch of CSP demonstration projects.

Analysts believe that China's current renewable energy is mainly hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic. However, due to the random, intermittent and volatility characteristics of wind power and photovoltaic, it is impossible to access the power grid on a large scale and at a high rate, and the phenomenon of abandoning wind and abandoning light sometimes occurs. Relatively speaking, the energy storage characteristics of solar thermal power generation make it a relatively stable power in the power grid, which complements photovoltaics and wind power. According to the National Energy Administration's “13th Five-Year Plan for Power Development”, by 2020, the total installed capacity of CSP will reach 5GW. With the strong support of national policies, the CSP industry is expected to usher in rapid development. With the maturity of technology and the implementation of relevant policies, industry companies with first-mover advantage will benefit in this process.