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What do solar street light manufacturers want to win the final fruits?

The application of solar street lights has become the mainstream of the lighting industry. The industry has been “flattened out” overnight, and a large number of solar street lighting manufacturers have emerged. The current industry landscape is facing subversion, especially a group of companies with capital strength are actively involved in the industry. Exclaimed. It is precisely because capital has such a large amount of energy that various solar street lamp manufacturers in the industry are sharpening their knifes and preparing to do a good job. The good drama is beginning. We are waiting for the wonderful!


Large scale, low industry concentration, large number of enterprises, and so on, so that the solar lighting industry has unlimited opportunities. Under the huge solar lighting market scale, at present, various princes have come up with killers, such as various types of mergers and acquisitions, various platforms have emerged one after another. However, in order to win the final fruits and become the final winner, solar lighting street lighting manufacturers must have the ability to integrate resources, and have the ability to control the resources.

Under the market scale of RMB 1 trillion, solar street lamps manufacturers want to share the largest “cake”, which is determined by many factors. The most crucial factor is undoubtedly “capital” and “platform”. In recent years, we have seen some solar street light manufacturers fail to control all kinds of resources and are constantly losing confidence. Mainstream businesses have gradually withdrawn from the lighting field and are looking for new outlets.