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Solar Garden Lights Operating Principles and Troubleshooting

Solar garden light uses sunlight as its energy source, and as a green and new energy source, it is “inexhaustible and inexhaustible”. Making full use of solar energy resources is of positive significance to ease the tension of conventional energy sources.
The solar garden light is used during the daytime charging, which does not require complex and expensive pipeline laying. It can be used to adjust the layout of the lighting fixtures. It is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. It requires no manual operation, is stable, safe and reliable, and saves electricity and maintenance-free.
How does solar garden light use solar energy to supply electricity?
The system works simply
During the daytime, under the light conditions, the battery panels inside the solar patio light receive solar radiation energy and convert it into electricity output, and are stored in the storage battery after the charge and discharge controller.
At night, when the sun's illuminance gradually decreases, the battery automatically discharges the lamp, and the solar garden light automatically lights up. After the battery was discharged for 8 hours, the charge-discharge controller was actuated, and the discharge of the battery was over. The solar patio light was automatically extinguished.
The main function of the charge and discharge controller is to protect the storage battery from the electrical energy converted from light energy.
Solar garden light knowledge broadcast
1, no wiring, you can install, saving the wire and wiring labor, low installation costs
2, flexible layout, easy to move, you can change position
3, low cost, safer and more reliable

After the solar garden lights are installed, if there is no regular maintenance, then there will be some faults. Let's talk about the reasons for the failure of solar garden lights.
1. The first is that the material is not closed, but the low quality of the material is the main cause of the failure of the garden lights.
Secondly, the construction quality is poor. During the use of garden lights, the proportion of failures caused by construction quality is also relatively large.
3, followed by the design is not reasonable, on the one hand due to overload operation, and the other is that the joint production does not meet the requirements, which is the main factor causing the failure.
4, * The quality of the supporting project is not too hard, and the garden light cable is generally laid on the sidewalk. The quality of sidewalk construction is relatively poor.