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Solar led landscape light confession

The solar energy solar led landscape lamp belongs to the decorative lighting and is an indispensable part of the modern urban nightscape. It was born to save a lot of electricity for the municipal engineering. It not only has a high ornamental quality, but also emphasizes The harmony between the local historical culture and the surrounding environment is a factor that must be taken into account when designing the landscape. The widespread use of solar led lights is an inevitable result of social progress and economic development. It is an inevitable choice in this era of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Solar led landscape lights features: 1. Energy-saving and environmental protection, can be recycled and reused, 2. High luminous efficiency, long life, that is, open and light, resistant to frequent switching, 3. Small decline, rich colors, dimmable, rich in variety, Light color is soft, colorful, colorful, 4. Low loss, low energy consumption, 5. Easy to control, maintenance-free; suitable for home gardens, shopping malls, parks, hotels, public green spaces and other public places for a long time decorative lighting. Without flash DC, it plays a very good role in eye protection and is an ideal choice for decorative lighting fixtures.