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Why the LED lights dimmed after being used for a period of time

First, the use of conditions:
1, the drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions.

2. The LED is driven by a constant current. Some of the LEDs are driven by a voltage driver to attenuate the LED.

Second, LED lamp product quality defects:
1, the LED chip used is not good, the brightness decay faster.
2. There are obvious defects in the production process. The heat dissipation of the LED chip cannot be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in an excessively high temperature of the LED chip and aggravating the attenuation of the chip. The thermal resistance of the LED chip itself, the effect of the silver paste, and the heat dissipation effect of the substrate
Colloids and gold lines are also related to light decay.

In fact, there are many reasons for the decline of LED products, the most critical issue is the heat, many manufacturers do not pay special attention to the issue of heat dissipation in the secondary products, these secondary LED products under long-term use, the degree of light failure than the focus on heat dissipation

The LED product is higher. Any type of LED lamp has light failure, but only to a different extent. The problem of light failure has a direct relationship with temperature, which is mainly determined by the chip, fluorescent powder and packaging technology.