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Led lawn lamp distance from the roadside setting

1、Led lawn lamp, also called led ball lamp, generally adopts solar energy light source, applicable to various garden landscape garden squares, sidewalks and trails decorative lighting, providing assistance for pedestrian night lighting, and beautifying a rich night view, lighting time is generally From 18:00 to 6:00, the shorter the lamps, the denser the space, the common lamp spacing is 6~8 meters, and no clear provisions are made from the roadside, but the general design is between 0.5 and 2 meters.
2. One-way light lawn lamp is mainly applied to relatively wide roads, generally using 35W metal halide light source or 26W energy-saving tube. The common lamp spacing is 8~10 meters, and the general design is between 0.5~2.0 meters.
3, Garden lights generally use 70W metal halide light source, suitable for the active courtyard and wider sidewalks, residential areas within the lane lighting, lamp spacing is usually about 15 meters, generally about 2.0 meters from the roadside, for a relatively small area The courtyard, which is not constrained by the distance of the roadside, is evenly distributed in the center of the courtyard according to the number of lighting designs.
4, other led landscape lights, generally according to the project style, owners preferences to choose, or non-standard design, the distance to the roadside are generally between 1.0 to 2.0 meters.
5, high pole lamp, generally use 150W metal halide light source, lamp spacing is usually 15 ~ 20 meters, generally set in the road divider, the distance to the roadside, should be determined in conjunction with the width of the road divider.

In addition, there are some special lamps, such as explosion-proof glass lamp aluminum lamp poles, landscape style lamp surface treatment, etc., generally no longer leave any distance with the roadside, often set directly on the landscape of the road Edge, garden road corner, trails, dead spots, etc.