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Solar garden lights how to do a good anti-theft design?

The most annoying to users is the worry that solar street lights are stolen after installation. In order to solve this problem, Yingli solar street light manufacturers have designed a series of anti-theft measures. The following describes the issues that should be paid attention to when installing solar garden lights:

1. The anti-theft controller of the solar garden light controller is rarely seldom stolen.

The controller is placed inside the lamp pole close to the ground, and the outside has a special door lock, which has a good anti-theft effect.
2. The security of solar garden lights maintenance-free batteries is largely stolen.

The solar garden light battery is placed in the battery cellar, covered with anti-theft cages, and there is an iron plate covering it. This system is a patented product. In addition, the battery cell has a PE tube connecting the lamp stem and the battery cellar (the internal diameter is 32mm), plays a very good role in protecting the battery cable, etc. The anti-theft effect is ideal.